Checkmight is a party game about comebacks and second chances. Test your skills in classic chess or one of the custom boards, but watch out- the pieces fight back!

This game is two-player, controller-compatible. It can be played fully on keyboard, with two controllers, or half-and-half.


WASD IJKL     LEFT STICK          movement

Q O            Y TRIANGLE          light attack

E U            X SQUARE            heavy attack

Z .             B CIRCLE             special

SHIFT /        BUMBERS            sprint

MOUSE         LEFT STICK          browse tiles

CLICK          A CROSS            select tile

CLICK          B CIRCLE            deselect tile

SPACE         Y TRIANGLE          toggle view mode

MOUSE         RIGHT STICK         camera


Checkmight is a part of the Fall.22 Stout Game Expo, explore more SGX games here.

Q Bryant - lead, game design, character design, animation

Elliott Duffy - ui art, typography

Anthony Klotz - ui engineer, project tracking

Sam Mayer - fighting engineer, sound, vfx

Cole Nugteren - art/animation, engineering, sound, vfx

Mitchell VonEschen - music

Check out the original soundtrack here!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorsCheckmight, Canslp, Qpup1
TagsChess, Pixel Art


Download 129 MB
Download 217 MB


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horse is busted, down light is completely spammable


This game is great, I like the king and pawn's movesets

Do you plan on adding online multiplayer in the future?

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I like the concept of chess but more violent than before, instead of simply eating a piece, they enter in a fight to get the slot


Excellent game demo of a fantastic concept. Love to see what you do moving forward. Sprite designs are great and I think they silhouette nicely. I do think the music and sounds could match a little better, I think having the sound effects made is sfxr and having the music coposed for higher bit rate kind of clash. Perhaps going back and making music in that same bit rate or upping the sfx might add some missing game feel. But overall a great game mates. Hope you keep up the great work.

thanks! you are right about the audio bitrate dissonance, that's probably because the audio was made by three different people! cost of small-team deadline work i'm afraid, you loose a little organization

Nothing a little post polish can't fix. Keep it up.

Hey, can you please tell me how i battle AI?


Love the the game. Wish it has vs bot thou (totally not because I'm alone and don't have friends to play with)


haha maybe someday

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I suggest you make the projectiles the same time to cast or even make higher point pieces faster. right now I haven't done too much testing but the peon casts faster then the queen. which doesn't feel right. that's my two cents. (also the rook feels too strong maybe slow his dash down a little.)


question will there ever be a vs bot mode for people who are alone?


we definitely floated that but we just ran out of time haha. maybe some day


Such an amazing game, I love it! I said wow out loud when my horse became a two-in-one character.


that means you're winning!